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Custom Crafted Care for Over 20 Years

Creating Custom transformations for people has been a large part of my life. I  offer a personal approach to us connecting and getting to know each other before diving into transforamtional work together as I want this to be the best fit. This is a no pressure- confidential safe space, so you can just feel into what is best for you.

Over the years and 100’s of transformations I have gotten a sense of who I can serve best and also who might be served elsewhere.  After reading your request, I will tune in as well as read what you share and will only offer you a consultation if I believe I can help you.

Solara OnRay


Temple of Divine Origin Consultation
Welcome! I am looking forward to connecting. This form will allow me to prepare for our consultation and to make sure it is a right fit. If I feel I can help you, I will send you a calendar link to book and the fee for the consultation is $19. If you decide to continue after the consultation then you receive a $19 credit for your program. I look forward to reading this and finding out more about you. Blessings in all ways, Solara OnRay

How It Works

We will Review Your Form

I meet with the majority of the consultation requests. I have found over the years having a way to survey if I can support you from a preliminary standpoint is a good practice, so that I make sure to not waste our time or your money if I sense this might not be what’s right for you off the bat.


We will Respond in 48 Hours

If I feel that I can support you and this work could be a fit, I will send you a calendar link to book pay pal link for $19.  If you feel guided to continue then the $19 will be applied to any services you desire and the consultation becomes complimentary.

Consultation Basics

This is a 45 minute safe space for you to unwind, share and ask questions about working together- so you can feel the fit and be totally informed about what’s possible before investing in your care.  Feel free to light a candle and create sacred space to align with the divine and feel supported.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for reaching out. I will personally read your form and make sure we are a right fit for the consultation before booking and payment is done.  With the majority of the requests, we connect in consultation.  We will meet for 45 minutes on the phone or zoom.  I provide a safe, warm, confidential space where you can unwind, drop in and receive inisght and connect with me.  I look forward to it.

You Are a Divine Radiant Being.

Thank you for being here.

Temple of Divine Origin